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Bottomless Dining: How to Make Most of It?

Glimpse of the bottomless dining experience on board the Magistic
Take your palates on a culinary journey on the Magistic cruise

Bottomless brunch, bottomless drinks, bottomless buffet…Australians are familiar with these words but what exactly do they mean? “Bottomless” simply means endless or unlimited. So what we mean by a bottomless brunch or buffet is that you can enjoy unlimited food and alcohol for a set price. On board our multi-million dollar catamaran, we offer lunch and dinner options where you can indulge in a multi-cuisine buffet with an optional upgrade of a bottomless beverage package. Read more about it below.

Why Has it Been Trending for So Long?

Our bottomless dining experience is very popular with Sydneysiders and tourists because of its versatility, its tremendous value, and of course, the ambience on board our cruising catamaran. Moreover, it is a very affordable, value-for-money experience best enjoyed when you're with a group of friends, or you’re celebrating a special occasion with family. An extravagant fare, optional bottomless beverage upgrades, breathtaking views — all at your disposal, without breaking the bank.

What to Expect?

Be it our Sydney Harbour dinner cruises or lunch cruises, you can indulge in a splendid buffet while you sit back, relax and soak in the million-dollar views of the shoreline from the three expansive outer decks. Choose the Bottomless Beverage Package (BBP) and keep your glasses topped with unlimited drinks while you browse through the food selection. You will be surprised to see how extensive the buffet menu is – Mediterranean Fish Bake, Murgh Makhni, Oriental Fried Rice, Root Vegetable Roast, Orecchiette Pasta Basilico and much more. Add that to salads and entrees, plus an Eton Mess for dessert. With the BBP, drinks are unlimited throughout your cruise, although here in Australia, we follow the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Guidelines, which prevent us from serving drinks to intoxicated passengers.


  • Avoid Making Plans Before/After: It’s important you know the rules and stick to a game plan. Get the most of your money's worth by budgeting your time and stomach space. The last thing you wanna do is be hungover from last night and have a poor appetite. Additionally, don’t make plans to go meet a friend afterwards because after a huge feast like this, you wouldn’t wanna move a muscle.
  • Be On Time: Every minute is crucial so it’s better to be strict about the meeting time. Be on time or early as the cruise won’t be issuing you any refund if you fail to board the cruise on time. Besides, you wanna make the most of every minute on board to fully enjoy your bottomless dining experience!
  • Be Responsible With Your Drink: All our cruises have licensed bars on board to elevate your Sydney Harbour cruising experience. But it’s imperative that you pace yourself and don't end up carting out everything you eat. Not only will this scenario destroy the entire vibe of the afternoon, it will ruin it for other passengers too.
  • Have Fun: The beauty of bottomless dining lies in the fact that you can enjoy dishes like the Murgh Makhni, Konigsberger Klopse and Oriental Fried Rice till you no longer can. A bonus tip will be to go through the food menu because there’s nothing more of a mood killer than turning up with certain food expectations and you realise those dishes aren’t on the menu.
  • Bonus Tip: Stay Hydrated: Remember to stock up your H2O just as much as your drinks. Water is key to enjoying the bottomless experience and not feeling terrible the next day, especially if you plan to drink more afterwards. Pro Tip: If you're bad at remembering to drink water, then set alarms on your phone at short intervals as a reminder!

Is it Worth the Money?

Yes. The bottomless dining experience is definitely worth a go. The buffet offers a wide variety of food and dining options, so for those who prefer to stretch the possibilities across their palettes, this is a perfect option. And if you wish to have a variety of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, then perhaps you should purchase a BB Package. A buffet dining experience on the multi-million dollar catamaran with exclusive harbour views and a bottomless beverage package is definitely an experience worth your time and money. Leave everything to us and you don’t have to worry about a thing once you board!

Posted on July 22, 2022
by Magistic Cruises

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