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With just a few days more remaining to the most anticipated Vivid Sydney festival, the bountiful art scene in the city is all set to spring back to life. A whole new range of engaging events and awe-inspiring installations will make the event a good reason to scuttle outdoors and forget all the awry experiences brought on by the lockdown. While we still have our fingers crossed on the upcoming days of the festival, let’s hope we get to enjoy the best of what we deserve. The following article covers a list of amazing experiences and works of art that you shouldn’t miss at Vivid Sydney 2021.

Posted on July 02, 2021

Sydney is a dream destination for travellers across the globe, and features in everyone’s travel bucket list — The glittering harbour, complemented by landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, Pristine bushland right on the doorstep of the city, and manicured parks in the middle of town. The famous Bondi Beach and other dozens of sun-bathed beaches peppering the spectacular coastline. Also, the paradise of foodies - Sydney is the one-stop destination where people can find an endless number of delicious and mouth-watering dishes made with pure love. The tales of beauty that characterise the city lend a magical aura to its glittering reality. Even just walking past landmarks like the Sydney Observatory and the Queen Victoria Building can leave you speechless in awe. The one thing that can make the experience of exploring Sydney even more rewarding is witnessing its beauty under the night sky. You can opt for one of the numerous dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour, and sail along its iconic waters to appreciate the intoxicating beauty of the city.

Posted on June 09, 2021

Every city in the world will have some unique place or experience that makes up the essence of what it is. Sydney is abundantly gifted in that sense as you will find countless man-made and natural wonders across the city. Two of the greatest icons that represent this marvellous city to the world are Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, both of which are located within a mile’s distance at the glamorous harbour.

Posted on May 24, 2021

Luxury isn’t a mere promise when it comes to dining on board a Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise. Although the facilities and appearance of our dinner cruises at the harbour may delude you into relating the experience of cruise dining to be too expensive, you’ll be glad to know that most of these cruises offer a range of budget-friendly dinner cruise packages. One such cruise is Magistic Cruises, owned and operated by Australian Cruise Group.

Posted on May 07, 2021

Dining out is never not fun, especially if you’re with your favourite people in a city that is famous for its culinary wealth. Sydney is one such city where its multiculturalism has a strong influence on its food culture. Wherever you turn to, you will find a good number of hotels, restaurants and street vendors that offer a wide variety of dishes. The city has several amazing dining precincts where you can visit without second thoughts, including the popular Sydney Harbour. Let’s take a sneak-peek into some of the must-visit harbourside eateries that promise wonderful food memories.

Posted on April 27, 2021
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