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Sydney School Holidays (2018) – Top 6 Kid-friendly Activities


Didn’t we do this already? Oh wait that was last year! How quickly time flies. Well here are some more tips for Sydney parents to manage their K.I.D.S with some fun school holiday activities in Sydney!

Teach them how to cycle

Learning to cycle is a special moment for kids as well as parents, both of them gaining from the experience. Kids learn that sometimes they have to fall down a few times, before achieving sweet success. Parents learn to let go, letting the kids learn the hard way, and that they can’t protect them at all times. The lesson ends with a sweet note though, as the kids get their first taste of freedom when they pedal away in perfect balance, as you look on proudly.

City of Sydney is conducting free lessons. Visit this website for more information. If not, get their first cycle and head to the nearest park.

A family cruise at the harbour

Still can’t find a suitable school holiday idea or an activity to do in Sydney? Well don’t despair as the ocean is your playground! Well technically it’s a harbour, but your kids won’t call you out on that. When you have access to one of the best harbours in the world, make use of it! There are many family-friendly cruise options available, but Magistic offers some of the best cruises for kids. A million-dollar luxury catamaran will be your playground, and the wide decks offer space for your kids to explore and move around. And if they behave, a visit to see the Captain can also be arranged! Parents needn’t feel left out as there are a variety of refreshments available, depending on the cruise you select, but the spectacular harbour views are a thing to look forward to!

Smell some Dinosaurs!

Call it a prehistoric party, let your kids explore the Jurassic world, see complete dinosaur skeletons and life-sized models. Go back 65 million years and hear their roars, see their teeth & claws. Smell their world and even see it from a dinosaur’s perspective. Meet the crowd favourites, the Stegosaurus and T-Rex, and also the elusive Bambiraptor, a 22-metre-long plant-eating dinosaur! The kids are sure to love this dinosaur adventure, and entry is free for them as well.

Conducted by the Australian Museum, their website will give you more specific information.

Get mugged by whales!

You are in luck! The whale watching season in Sydney is between April & December, and the Sydney school holidays fall in the middle of it. A whale watching cruise is your best bet to see these elusive giant mammals up close. And they will put on a great show of their majestic strength, with breaching, tail slapping and lunging. Mugging is when the whales approach the boats to inspect them, giving you up-close views. Later in the year, you could also see whale calves with their mothers, feeding and playing. Your kids will have many a tale to tell after school reopens!

Explore the legendary Blue Mountains

Before you say no to a day tour in the heat to a distant location with the kids, hear us out. Blue Mountains is a short ride away from the city, with lots of air-conditioned coach tours available. There is plenty to see along the way to keep the kids occupied, and once you reach there, the spectacular views are sure to leave both the young and old spell-bound. Visit the Scenic World and go on the Scenic Railway, Skyway and Cableway for some awe-inspiring views.

Lots of fun family adventures await you on a Blue Mountain tour!

A day at the playground or the beach?

Might be a cliché idea, but when you have lots of open playgrounds and pristine beaches, it’s never a bad idea. Your kids get to socialise and meet other of their kind. You also get to meet fellow exasperated parents and rest on a few understanding shoulders, as your kids go at it on all the interesting contraptions in the playground. There are many kid-friendly spaces around the city for you to choose from and have a fun day. Same with beaches as well. Better pack in some sunscreen before heading out though.

Posted on October 4, 2018
by Magistic Cruises