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Buffets are the ultimate test of one’s level of gluttony. It has its humble origins in Sweden back at the turn towards the 20th century. Australians love their buffets - and why not? It’s economical, gratifying and you get to choose exactly what you want. From chain restaurants to your favourite restaurant serving regional cuisine to dinner cruises around Sydney, the buffet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Being quite the buffet buff, I figured it is only right that I share the details of one of my favourites! One of the best buffets I’ve had in the recent past was on one of Sydney’s most popular dinner cruises - Magistic Cruises! With a delicious mix of hot & cold dishes and exquisite desserts, added to that absolutely stunning view; you’re in for a treat!

A good idea when you’re generally tackling buffets is to do a sweep-through of all the dishes and then go back and pick out what you like. This Sydney Harbour dinner cruise buffet can primarily be divided into 3 sections- two of which are self-serviced and one course is served to the table.

The Cold Selection:

1.Prawn cocktail
An iconic British hors d'œuvre, the prawn cocktail is now served with Australian sensibilities served with a delicious cocktail sauce and fresh lemons. The simple yet compelling flavours of a well-made prawn cocktail lies predominantly in the freshness of the ingredients.

2. Caesar salad
The contemporary feel-good salad! The Caesar salad on board this dinner cruise in Sydney is fresh and a flavour-packed punch of a modern version of the salad that’s been around for ages. The crunchy cos lettuce along with grated parmesan and croutons tastefully mixed in with the classic dressing. Choose to top it off with bacon, and you’ve got yourself a winner!

3. Apple fennel salad
If you’re ditching the heavier salad and looking for some crunchy goodness to satiate your hunger with, this delicious apple fennel salad is highly recommended. Offsetting the fresh and sweet apple tones is the anise-y notes of fennel, all united by the bitter nutty flavour of walnut. Can you say how much I love this salad?

4. Caramelised cauliflowers & shaved broccoli
Who needs a bouquet of roses when you can just get nature’s bounty of nutritious edible flower shaped foods! Bursting with flavour, this toasted caramelised goodness pairs wonderfully with the shaved broccoli and creamy dressing.

5. Radicchio salad
Even though radicchio is a pretty bitter leaf by itself, when balanced with the right contrasting flavours, it’s absolutely delish! This Sydney Harbour dinner cruise serves a radicchio salad complemented by green olives and parmesan.

6. Double bean pesto salad
A cold bean salad slathered in pesto is definitely an acquired taste but I know of people who love pesto on everything! If that sounds anything like you, this salad is definitely the right pick.

7. Fresh mixed leaves
One needn’t open up a biology textbook to confirm the nutritional benefits of green leaves, but I personally love keeping my cold salads perched atop a mountain of green leafy goodness! Highly recommended - and your gut will be sure to thank you.

The Hot Selection Favourites:

1. Calamari & mussels in garlic tomato sauce
Seafood in an aromatic gravy of a rich well-made tomato sauce can turn just about anyone into a pescetarian! I love my shellfish, but better stay away if you suspect you’re allergic.

2. Baked fish with braised leeks, tomato & olives
One of the healthier options for mains, flaky seasoned deliciousness in the form of baked fish served alongside braised leeks, tomatoes and olives is absolutely gratifying while being extremely light!

3. Beef burgundy
A delicious beef stew braised in a rich scarlet red wine gravy, flavoured exquisitely will definitely leave you wanting more. It pairs wonderfully with steamed rice and/or potatoes and other grilled veggies.

Other dishes on the Hot Selection:
Sweet potato gratin, Indian butter chicken, orecchiette pasta, fried rice, stir-fried veggies in hoisin sauce and roasted veggies in Italian herbs

The Dessert Selection:
This was without a doubt, the perfect Swan Song to a memorable meal! A delicious silken vanilla bean panna cotta, a heavenly slice of chocolate cake and a divine tiramisu - you can almost hear the angels sing.

Go experience it for yourself. It doesn’t hurt that you get mind-blowing views of the illustrious Sydney Harbour the whole time!

Posted on July 12, 2019 by Magistic Cruises

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