Exclusive Options For a Photography Tour in Sydney

Lunch cruise sydney
Lunch cruise sydney

Are you a passionate photographer looking for exciting shooting locations in Sydney? The city is home to some beautiful harbours, iconic architectural wonders and an intriguing mix of urban and natural environments—the perfect habitat for a paparazzi! 

Come on board one of our luxury cruises on Sydney Harbour for an enticing tour that will inspire the photographer in you. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned photographer, you are promised a one of a kind experience. Some of the visual treasures scattered across the harbour include the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens and so on. Magistic Cruises is an ultra-modern catamaran cruise, owned and operated by Australian Cruise Group, that offers two cruising options—a lunch cruise and a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour. Not to mention that there is a polar difference between cruising during the day and night-time on Sydney Harbour. On board the Magistic, we have three expansive outer decks where you can roam around to get unobstructed photos and find the perfect angles to capture. Get solid 3-hours of luxury cruising around the harbour and a freshly prepared banquet meal, regardless of what time you choose to go cruising. Our dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour are more in demand as the sights are more scintillating and breathtaking after the duskfall. However, a lunch cruise in Sydney is no less of a stunner as it offers you exclusive views of the harbour attractions that are not accessible to the public. So if you’re a photographer in Sydney, our cruises are an apt shooting location which you’ll love! For a much cheaper experience, you can hop on a Sydney Harbour ferry, which is also a must-do experience when in Sydney. The ferry service is, undoubtedly, a fabulous and inexpensive way to soak in the harbourside views including the up-close views of the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Rocks and so much more.  

Another experience that is a must for photographers in the city is the BridgeClimb Sydney. The view from the summit of the bridge is beyond comparison and every year millions of people, including celebrities, climb the bridge to get a glimpse of the magical Sydney skyline. Climb up to the Gun Deck at top of the Pylon for capturing some of the unfamiliar yet best views of the harbour. Another great vantage point that lies in close proximity to the Harbour Bridge is the Dawes Point, situated at the end of the scenic Hickson Road Reserve. On the way, you will also get the chance to see the underbelly of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Also, get a fresh perspective of the Opera House and Luna Park. After you and your camera have your fill of images of these areas, head over to the Opera House to marvel at its world-class architectural brilliance. To get a perfect shot of the western sails, walk towards the Bennelong Lawn. One of the marvellous sights you will get to see is during dusk when the light hits the angles glass panels, creating a rich glow to its surroundings. 

If you’re particularly interested in night-time photography and the splendorous displays that light up the streets, here’s another exciting location for you—the Chinatown Alleyway. Sydney’s Chinatown is home to numerous colourful shop fronts and glowing signs, making it a neon-lover’s paradise. Some of the interesting side roads with enticing sights and lights can be spotted near the main intersection of Dixon Street and Little Hay Street. 

Besides these above-mentioned locales in the city, there are many more places that are tucked away into its plenty pretty niches. Some of the other places you can visit for an unforgettable photography experience are Luna Park, Wendy’s Secret Garden, Cahill Walkway, Darling Harbour, George Street, Angel Palace and more.

Posted on April 01, 2021 by Magistic Cruises

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