Fun Facts About Sydney Harbour’s Iconic Attractions!

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The Sydney Harbour is home to several iconic architectural wonders- the most stand-out marvels being the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. This stunning waterway is a natural playground perfect for swimming, sailing or just taking a stroll along the shores. The flora and fauna along the harbour thrives and all of it comes together to become one of the world’s prettiest harbours. 

Of late, a great way to sightsee is to book a dinner cruise along the Sydney Harbour- the shimmering waters and the illuminated city skyline are quite the view! With over 100 kilometers of shoreline dotted with sights brimming with history and lush national parks, being out on the Sydney Harbour waters on a dinner cruise is a popular activity among local Sydneysiders and tourists alike. On a Sydney dinner cruise, enjoy a delicious meal served with a side of spectacular harbour views! Over the duration of harbour cruises in time for dinner, you get unparalleled ring-side views of Sydney’s best- all lit up and in all its glory- up, close and personal! 

Sydney Opera House

One of the world’s most easily identifiable buildings, the Sydney Opera House is so much more than it seems. There are very few buildings that can even begin to contend for the eighth wonder of the world and the Sydney Opera House does complete justice to the recognition it receives..

Fact 1: 

The initial design was rejected thrice

The architect Jørn Utzon participated in an international competition to design the Opera House, without seeing the Sydney site in person. He was one among 232 other contestants. The design came to the architect as he was peeling an orange and is additionally inspired by snails, palm fronds and Mayan temples.

In this real-life example of ‘failures are the stepping stones to success’, rejection from three judges was followed by the design being declared outstanding by the fourth judge- renowned American architect Eero Saarinen who happened to find Utzon’s proposal while filing through the reject pile.  

Fact 2: 

It plays home to the world’s largest grand organ

You know an organ is (ACTUALLY) grand when it takes ten years to build! The grand organ in the Concert Hall is the largest mechanical version of a grand organ ever built with 10154 pipes. What’s more is that this large Concert Hall can also seat 2690 people and boasts superb acoustics!

Fact 3: 

It took 6 times its original timeline to build!

Initially estimated to be completed in 4 years time, once the construction began in 1959, it in reality took 24 years and over 10000 construction workers on site to complete! The Sydney Opera House was finally opened to the public in 1973. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Affectionately called the ‘coathanger’, the Sydney Harbour Bridge spans across the Sydney Harbour connecting Sydney and the northern end of the harbour. Adjacent to the Opera House, it’s one of the most photographed Sydney Harbour landmarks. 

Fact 1: 

Pylons without purpose until...

For the longest time, the ends of the majestic arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with pairs of concrete pylons and granite facing provided no purpose except aesthetics. However, of late, one of the four pylons supports CCTV cameras used for security purposes overlooking, another hosts a museum and a tourist centre offering a 360° lookout and the remaining other pair of pylons vent the fumes from the tunnel through chimneys.

Fact 2: 

The bridge is an optical illusion!

Although the bridge appears curved, in reality every piece that comes together to make up the bridge is straight! 

Fact 3: 

Painting a pretty (grey) picture 

At the time that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built, 272000 litres of paint were required for the initial coat and this was only available in the colour grey. Hence, the iconic grey colour that the Sydney Harbour Bridge now boasts!

Have you really even seen Sydney until you’ve seen these two harbour icons? Book a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise on board a luxury catamaran to get the best views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge- don’t miss out!

Posted on August 28, 2019 by Magistic Cruises

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