Gift your family a memorable experience this Christmas

Christmas Party Dinner Cruises

Come December, Sydney will be at its summery best ready to welcome the all-pervasive spirit of Christmas! There may not be sleigh bells and snow, but every family, store, mall, school, hotel and harbour cruise operator in the city will be gearing up for Christmas festivities and parties.

Thanks to the weather, Sydney is non-traditional in many ways when it comes to celebrating Christmas; but there are some traditions that simply cannot be done away with! Gift-giving is one of them!

Coming up with fun and unique Christmas gift ideas, especially for your family, can really be a tedious chore that drums the joy out of the season. So this year, why not set aside the tradition of gifting material things that seemingly fade in value by the end of the day... gift an experience instead! If you’re going to spend the money anyway, it might as well be on something that lasts… the experience itself may not, but memories sure will!

Trading pricey gifts for quality time could be the best Christmas gift you could give your family. Here are a few thoughts on how to go about that…

You could treat your family to adventurous new experiences like hot-air ballooning over the Macarthur region, a Sydney Harbour Christmas Party cruise replete with a traditional Christmas spread, carols and Santa, or maybe even a production of Lion King or Beauty and the Beast at the Opera House! You may pay top dollar for these experiences, but you’re doing away with meaningless individual gifts and gifting the entire family an experience of a lifetime!

Alternatively, children would also love annual passes to their favourite attractions in Sydney,be it the zoo, the science centre, an amusement park or the museum. These are experiences they can enjoy throughout the year, and without a doubt, they will enjoy it with as gusto as they did the first time!

Or, you could sign the whole family up for lessons in cooking, art, horse-back riding, photography, sailing or scuba diving. This is a great way to spend quality time together, bonding over the same subject.

There’s no side-stepping the Christmas tradition of giving gifts, so you might as well hop on that bandwagon… But this year do it differently. Take a meaningful step forward this Christmas and gift your family an experience… you’ll be amazed at the wonders it works!

Posted on October 26, 2015 by Magistic Cruises

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