The Most Popular Luxury Lunch Cruise in Sydney

Lunch cruise sydney
Lunch cruise sydney

Every city in the world will have some unique place or experience that makes up the essence of what it is. Sydney is abundantly gifted in that sense as you will find countless man-made and natural wonders across the city. Two of the greatest icons that represent this marvellous city to the world are Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, both of which are located within a mile’s distance at the glamorous harbour.

If you’re visiting Sydney, a lunch cruise experience at this harbour is a must-do attraction. Whether you’re a local who’s been tired of slogging at work and wanting a break or a visitor from a far land who is excited and curious about the true vibes of Sydney, hop on board one of the luxury cruises that complete the picture of the harbour. Australian Cruise Group is a premier cruise operator in Sydney that offers amazing cruise dining experiences. We provide luxury experiences that stand a class apart from the rest of the cruises at the harbour. For the uninitiated, you might be wondering which is the popular lunch cruise in Sydney. It is none other than Magistic Cruises, the luxury and ultra-modern catamaran. This lunch cruise has become the crowd’s favourite since long as it offers a complete and satisfying cruise dining experience at an affordable price. 

Magistic Cruises is a stylish catamaran with three expansive outer decks where the guests on board can enjoy sightseeing and taking photos from prime positions. The iconic structures—Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House—can be seen from up-close on your journey. Magistic, unlike our other cruises, offers a 2hr cruise extension upgrade priced at $12 per person. The cruise extension will provide you ample time to take in the harbour ambience as well as capture amazing pictures of Sydney's world famous attractions. The Magistic lunch packages include a lavish and unlimited buffet that consists of some of Sydney’s best-known dishes, all prepared to perfection by experienced chefs. There are plenty of food choices on the menu, which is a highlight. However, if you’re a vegetarian, we promise to make you happy too with our special vegetarian menu with equally delicious dishes that you’ll love! The fully licensed bar on board the Magistic is a matter of great pride for us as it serves an eclectic range of drinks and beverages that have always made our customers happy.

Although there are many other lunch cruises at the harbour, Magistic stands out with its unique appeal to the crowd in the city. Perhaps, it is the accessible luxury we offer or the scrumptious lunch and drinks we bring to your table. We believe there is a strong reason why we can entertain returning customers on each trip and backed by some 7+ million happy customers. A lunch cruise is essentially different from any of the restaurants you’ll find at the harbour and continues to deliver an unmatched and uncompromised dining experience every time you go on board.

Some of the other excellent nautical features that add to the hype around Magistic Cruises is its spacious and restaurant-style seating arrangement, its climate-controlled and fully air-conditioned interiors and the large panoramic windows that overlook the harbour waters from anywhere on board the cruise. Magistic is the best place where you can chill out with your friends, family or partner and, not to mention, click as many photos as you want for the ‘gram! To enjoy a break from whatever you’re doing right now, head over to our online portal on our website and book your seat on board the Magistic this weekend as a promise to yourself to blow off some steam from life. 

Posted on May 24, 2021 by Magistic Cruises

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