Throwing A Limelight On Vivid Sydney 2023

It was an experience out of the extraordinary as the heart of Sydney came alive with an explosion of light, art, and innovation. Join us as we unveil the highlights of this enchanting event, where the city came alive in a kaleidoscope of colours and innovation that knew no bounds. Vivid Sydney 2023  ignited senses and redefined perception of the world around. In this blog we take you through some of the highlights of the four pillars of the art festival.

Vivid Lights - A Wonderland of Lights

From May 26th to June 17th, Vivid Sydney 2023 was back with a dazzling array of captivating light installations. One could marvel at the breathtaking transformation of Sydney's most iconic landmarks, as they became canvases for mesmerising light projections and vibrant, larger-than-life artworks.

Starting at Circular Quay, many experienced ‘Lights On!” that occurred each evening at 6pm. The pylon projections on the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House ‘Lighting of the Sails’ - Life Enlivened (2023) along with other spectacular light installations was a spectacle that mesmerised locals and tourists alike.  What’s worth a mention is the biggest drone show in the Southern hemisphere– “Written in the Stars'', a celestial spectacle that left people spellbound every Wednesday and Sunday. 

Vivid Sydney Cruises - Ideal Vantage Point for Vivid Lights

Vivid Sydney brought together people that are locals and tourists, from far and beyond. To escape these thronging crowds, and for the prime views of the Vivid Lights, one needs to discover the perfect vantage point. What fits the bill is undoubtedly a Vivid Sydney cruise. 

 For a budget-friendly Vivid Lights spectator experience one of the Magistic Vivid Lights cruises is the best choice. This modern catamaran has spacious outer decks for the best views on the harbour. What is best viewed from the Vivid Lights Early Harbour cruise is the ‘Light On’ experience. A breathtaking spectacle to behold on the Vivid Lights Late Harbour cruise was the biggest drone show in the Southern Hemisphere–“Written in the Stars”. One could soak in the views of these lights with drinks in hand, from the licensed bar on board. Simply a value-for-worth Magistic Vivid Lights spectator experience. 

Vivid Music - Beats that Stir the Soul

With Vivid Music, the beat of Vivid Sydney extended beyond visual extravagance with a lineup of talented musicians and performers from across the globe. 

From electrifying concerts in iconic venues to intimate gigs in hidden corners of the city, Vivid Music set the stage for unforgettable musical experiences. Sydney lost itself in the rhythm of diverse genres, from pop and rock to jazz and classical, as the city resonated with the harmonious fusion of sound and light. These were some of the highlights–

  • Vivid Music Roaming Acts
  • Vivid Sydney Supper Club
  • Tumbalong Nights

Vivid Ideas -  Conversations and Innovation

Vivid Ideas sparked intellectual curiosity and fostered creative thinking through a thought-provoking series of events that featured inspiring talks, panel discussions, and workshops. 

Visionaries, thought leaders, and innovators from various fields came together to share their insights and inspired the next wave of ideas. Vivid Ideas, a melting pot of knowledge and innovation is where ideas ignited and possibilities unfolded. The events in this pillar were divided under the following categories - 

  • Vivid Ideas Exchange
  • Vivid Ideas Headliners
  • Creativity and Storytelling
  • Immersive Events
  • Human Nature

Vivid Food - A Feast Of Culinary Delights 

Vivid Food 2023 was a culinary extravaganza that delighted food enthusiasts with its delectable flavours, innovative presentations, and immersive dining experiences. 

From interactive food installations to avant-garde tasting menus, Vivid Food 2023 pushed the boundaries of culinary imagination that left attendees in awe of the creativity and craftsmanship displayed on every plate. The pillar was divided under the following series - 

  • Vivid Fire Kitchen
  • International & Local Chefs at Vivid Sydney
  • Vivid Chef Series
  • Chefs on the Harbour
  • Vivid Sydney Dinner

Vivid Sydney 2023 was an experience that invited people from all walks of life to embrace the magic of light, art, and innovation.  Imagination ran wild and the radiant rendezvous of the art festival ignited a spark within everyone.


Posted on June 22, 2023 by Magistic Cruises

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