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Great Career Opportunities with Magistic Cruises

Magistic Cruises is a cruise ship company owned by Blue Line Cruises Pvt Ltd that specialises in providing tourism experiences for domestic and international visitors to Sydney. Operating under the Australian Cruise Group umbrella, Magistic Cruises offers employment opportunities that are vast and varied, with ample scope for growth.

We believe in hiring and investing in quality employees who possess the right personality, qualifications and ability to take our company from strength to strength. There are ample opportunities on shore as well as on our cruising vessels and we offer compensation packages that are extremely attractive, probably the best in the market.

Magistic Cruises offers you the right platform to launch your career and grow professionally in the tourism industry. Besides being individually capable, we expect our employees to be team players as well, as we believe that our achievements are the result of multiple teams working cohesively towards a common goal.

We encourage you to bring your best efforts to the table, working in a supportive environment that paves the way for effective communication and collaboration between teams.

So, don’t hesitate to join Magistic Cruises and take your career in the tourism industry to the next level!

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