5 Reasons to Choose a Magistic Australia Day Cruise

Australia Day on-water events on Sydney Harbour.

Every year on January 26th, we celebrate our national day to commemorate the Australian spirit, embrace the Aussie way of life, and acknowledge the country's history. This day holds significance as a day for reflection, unity, and pride in the diverse cultural heritage that defines the Australian identity.

Australia Day in Sydney is an experience full of events, lights, and festivities. As tradition holds, Sydney Harbour is the epicentre of the vibrant Australia Day activities. The renowned Australia Day Harbourfest unfolds against the backdrop of this iconic harbour, and the best way to experience the excitement is from the water – the true Aussie way!

We welcome all to join us aboard Magistic Two for an unforgettable Sydney Harbour Australia Day celebration. To make your decision easier, here are five compelling reasons why a Magistic Australia Day cruise is the ideal choice to witness the spectacular events on Sydney Harbour this year.

Day and Night Spectator Cruises To Celebrate Australia Day

This year, Magistic Cruises offers two affordable Australia Day cruises on Sydney Harbour for you to enjoy the festivities from the comfort of our multi-million-dollar catamaran.

If you choose the Magistic Australia Day Cruise, you can enjoy the best views of the Ferrython, Tall Ships Race, Maritime Mayhem and other festivities. Come evening, on the Magistic Australia Day Evening Fireworks Cruise, you can experience the Australia Day Live concert and the Lit Vessels Parade, the stunning projections on the Opera House & Harbour Bridge and the stunning fireworks displays..

Pro-tip: make sure you snap the perfect photos set against the stunning backdrop of the harbourside.

Exclusive Access To Prime Viewing Spots

When you book a Magistic Australia Day Cruise, you're not just selecting a cruise; you're choosing an exclusive ticket to a prime vantage point that guarantees great views of the Australia Day events on Sydney Harbour. Moreover, Magistic Two boasts three spacious outer decks that offer ringside views of the harbour events.

Whether you’re watching the iconic Ferrython, or the exciting Tall Ships Race, the Captain will make sure that you keep pace with the action. The unique advantage of being on the water allows for exceptional up-close views of the action, a perspective that eludes those on land. 

When it comes to the events that unfold in the sky, a Magistic cruise offers a vantage point that surpasses the traditional on-shore experience.

Celebrating The Spirit Of Community

Aboard the Magistic Two, guests from different walks of life come together to honour the spirit of being Australian. The cruise becomes a platform that celebrates the multicultural identity of Australia, while fostering a sense of togetherness as guests share in the excitement, laughter, and joy of the day.

An unparalleled and electrifying excitement ignites the air as guests collectively cheer for thrilling events like the Ferrython or when the fireworks go off in the sky. Undoubtedly, the laughter shared and memories made on board, make the Magistic a cultural celebration in motion.

Hassle-Free Experience

From the process of booking to boarding on Australia Day, we offer a hassle-free experience for all guests. There is absolutely no need to stress about planning your day on Sydney Harbour!

Consider the alternative scenario of not booking a cruise. You will have to navigate your way through bustling crowds to find a single spot from where you can enjoy every event. It is not even guaranteed that you will find a good vantage point. On the other hand, aboard the cruise you’re in a more controlled and safer environment. This is convenient for people of all ages, especially for families.  

Just make sure that you book your tickets before they’re sold out.

Memories That Sail A Lifetime

An Australia Day cruise is one of those Aussie experiences you should do at least once. Watching the festivities from the water, cruising along the iconic Sydney Harbour, and revelling in the patriotic spirit, all contribute to creating unforgettable memories aboard.

So, do not hesitate. It is time to take action and book a Magistic Australia Day cruise. Come on, don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the wonderful celebrations only on Sydney Harbour.

Posted on January 05, 2024 by Magistic Cruises

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