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Riding on the heels of last year’s success, Vivid Lights Sydney will be back with a bang in 2018 during the end of May to mid-June (official dates are yet to be confirmed). Vivid 2017 catapulted itself into Australia’s largest event with over 2.3 million attendees experiencing the spectacular Vivid Sydney with new precincts including the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Taronga Zoo and over 190 Music and 180 Ideas events. Vivid 2018 promises a whole lot more – we’ll just have to wait and see what it has in store for us.

Magistic offers two delightful Vivid Sydney cruise packages to suit every budget. Differing only in price and inclusions, both packages treat you to a comprehensive Vivid Sydney experience. Enjoy stunning views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Harbour lights parade while tucking into a delicious freshly prepared buffet dinner.

So, if you're visiting Sydney between May and June, be sure to hop on a Magistic Vivid Sydney Cruise to enjoy Vivid 2018 to the maximum! All you have to do is choose the cruise package that suits you best!

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Vivid Sydney Buffet Dinner Cruise 2018 Special


$99 - $120


Vivid cruise sydney harbour

The Vivid Sydney Festival is a spectacular annual cultural event that will rock Sydney.


BOARDS: 07:00 PM




  • Luxury catamaran
  • Air-conditioned vessel
  • Individual reserved table
  • All-inclusive fair price
  • Sydney Harbour cruise | buffet
  • Beer, wine or soft drink
3-hour cruise with deluxe buffet

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Vivid 2018 Vip Top Deck Buffet Dinner Cruise


$110 - $135


Vivid Sydney cruise

Experience VIVID’s breathtaking light displays that transform Sydney Harbour into canvas of creativity.


BOARDS: 07:00 PM




  • Vivid Sydney Harbour Cruise
  • Deluxe buffet dinner
  • Table reserved at private VIP Top Deck
  • Luxury air-conditioned vessel
  • Large outer decks for great views
  • Beer, wine or soft drink
3-hour cruise with deluxe buffet

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There were close to 102 light installations during Vivid Sydney 2017. Here are ten of the crowd favourites that were the most talked about and visited.
We start with the most important of all and the centre piece of Vivid Sydney 2017:

Lighting of the Sails: Opera House

Every year the sails of the Opera House act as a canvas to showcase the centre piece of Vivid Sydney. Each year has a different theme and the one for 2017 was ‘Audio Creatures’ which was a tableau that invited the audience to take a peek into the organo-mechanistic plant and animal life of the future.

Spreading life: Royal Botanic Gardens

‘Spreading Life’ captured the experience of blowing a dandelion and letting the seeds float and glide through the air, spreading new life. It revealed the passage of nature, as a flower sacrifices itself for others to be born. This installation reminds us that an action as simple as blowing on a dandelion, has much more to it than meets the eye!

Waratah: Martin’s Place

‘Waratah’ paid tribute to the iconic flowering plant that is native to Australia. The floral emblem of the state of New South Wales, Waratah is difficult to raise, but once it thrives, it blooms majestically. The installation showcased the beauty of this native flower and how it reacts to its immediate environment through an explosion of light or change in light patterns.

Trapdoor: Barangaroo

As you calmly walk along the path, suddenly the ‘Trapdoor’ opens and the ground falls from under your feet! But you won’t tumble down the depths of the netherworld, instead you get a peek into the mysterious subterranean world with floor murals showing what life’s like underground.

The Gift of Sight: Darling Harbour

What greets the visitors at “The Gift of Sight” is a blank shipping container. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Using the provided UV flashlights revealed magnificent art work on the walls and roof of the container, painted using invisible UV ink. This installation depicted that there is more to objects in plain sight, if we look close enough.

Electric Hopscotch: The Rocks

Taking us back to childhood, this modern hopscotch maze is not drawn with chalk. The board was activated by movement and projected on the floor, encouraging visitors to indulge in a favourite childhood pastime. When the players leave the field, the hopscotch maze disappears without a trace, waiting for the next visitors to come and rediscover their childhood.

The Wave: Darling Harbour

Consisting of forty 4-metre high structures acting as gates, ‘The Wave’ will interact with the audience through sound and light. When visitors walk through the gates, unique effects will greet them throughout the entire period of its installation. The power to change the wave effects will be in the hands of the visitors passing through it.

Portholes: The Rocks

Humans have viewed new worlds through portholes, whether they be the depths of the ocean or the vast expanses of space. The installation ‘Portholes’ attempts to impart the same feeling of exploring these worlds from a porthole point of view. A series of projected portholes showcased imagery and the viewer gets the feeling of being behind a wall, gazing at a whole new world.

Lights for the Wild: Taronga Zoo

At this virtual zoo, you could interact with the light sculptures for a fully immersive zoo experience at ‘Lights for the Wild’. You could meet the Sumatran tiger, say ‘hi’ to a marine turtle or even get eaten by a giant shark! This installation also gave visitors the opportunity to be a light to the wild and help in conservation as the proceeds went to saving wildlife in the endangered list.

The Sunflowers: Royal Botanic Garden

Bold, bright and full of cheer, the Sunflowers greeted visitors with a slight bow and followed them as they moved along like its namesake. This installation made visitors aware of the importance of harnessing solar energy. The Sunflowers harness the power of the sun during day light, storing them in batteries and uses this energy to power and light up the exhibit at night, a perfect example for sustainable energy.