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Riding on the heels of last year’s success, Vivid Lights Sydney 2017 will be held from Friday 26 May to Saturday 17 June. Vivid 2016 catapulted itself into Australia’s largest event with 2.31 million attendees experiencing the spectacular Vivid Sydney with new precincts including the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Taronga Zoo and over 190 Music and 180 Ideas events. Vivid 2017 promises a whole lot more – we’ll just have to wait and see what it has in store for us.

Magistic offers two delightful Vivid Sydney cruise packages to suit every budget. Differing only in price and inclusions, both packages treat you to a comprehensive Vivid Sydney experience. Enjoy stunning views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Harbour lights parade while tucking into a delicious freshly prepared buffet dinner.

So, if you're visiting Sydney between May and June, be sure to hop on a Magistic Vivid Sydney Cruise to enjoy Vivid 2017 to the maximum!All you have to do is choose the cruise package that suits you best!

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VIVID SYDNEY Buffet Dinner Cruise 2017 SPECIAL


$88 - $110


Vivid cruise sydney harbour

The Vivid Sydney Festival is a spectacular annual cultural event that will rock Sydney.


BOARDS: 07:00 PM




  • Luxury catamaran
  • Air-conditioned vessel
  • Individual reserved table
  • All-inclusive fair price
  • Sydney Harbour cruise | buffet
  • Beer, wine or soft drink
3-hour cruise with deluxe buffet

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Save Up To $37

VIVID 2017 VIP Top Deck Buffet Dinner Cruise


$99 - $125


Vivid Sydney cruise

Experience VIVID’s breathtaking light displays that transform Sydney Harbour into canvas of creativity.


BOARDS: 07:00 PM




  • Vivid Sydney Harbour Cruise
  • Deluxe buffet dinner
  • Table reserved at private VIP Top Deck
  • Luxury air-conditioned vessel
  • Large outer decks for great views
  • Beer, wine or soft drink
3-hour cruise with deluxe buffet

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Sydney’s cultural calendar would be incomplete without the Vivid Festival of Lights that floods the harbour and surrounding venues with immersive light shows and installations, world-renowned music performances and the exchange of ideas and creativity.

Though bigger and brighter every year, Vivid would not be the same without the fantastic ‘lighting of the Opera House sails’. Here’s a little about the Vivid 2016 attractions…

Lighting the Sails Song lines: Opera House

The Lighting of the Sails this year paid tribute to the first nation an animated canvas of contemporary Australian indigenous art created by six artists from different clans and territories. This visual tapestry wove a mesmerising story through personal journeys, interconnected history and old trade routes.

Gondwana Light Lab: Chatswood

The Gondwana Light Lab was a fascinating exploration of creatures from the Triassic supercontinent Gondwana! The Light Lab housed instruments with which you could observe dinosaurs evolving from the depths of the ocean, moving on to land, climbing trees and launching themselves into the air – an unbelievably fascinating experience. Those interested could study the skin, scales and cells with magnifying glasses and microscopes and an X-ray lent a keen insight into the skeletal system!

New Reality Viewing Platform: Circular Quay

The façade of Sydney’s Customs House transforms into a novel viewing platform that brings to light Sydney’s iconic hidden stories relating to red-bellied black snakes and sulphur-crested cockatoos mixed up with Banksia wizards and Gumnut fairies. Stumbling on a Book of Spells, Bluey, a cheeky blue-tongued lizard, took visitors on a journey through fantastical landscapes found only in fairy tales!

Mountain of Light: Martin Place

Mountain of Light was a 4-metre tall monolithic installation that came alive with a dramatic and gradual increase in light effects till it culminated in an eruption of shooting flames and molten lava – a brilliant visual experience!

This abstract volcanic mountain was designed to be viewed from all sides, with each column packed with computer graphics that could be controlled by visitors to create superb realistic effects.

Synthesis: The Royal Botanic Garden Society

Celebrating the magnificence of the heritage-listed Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Vivid artists created an intricately mapped 3D projection show that paid tribute to the role of plant life in the ecosystems of the ancient and modern world!

Australian National Maritime Museum

Characters from the underwater fantasy film, The Nautilus and the Sea came to life as giant lanterns projected on the rooftop of the Australian National Maritime Museum, reliving the journey of Norbert the Nautilus.

X Factory: Central Park

Central Park, Sydney’s funky urban village, brilliantly explored the changing dynamics in the workplace, primarily the shift from human labour to automation and computation! The external façade of the heritage-listed Carlton & United Brewery showcased the concept of disruptive technology and ‘the rise of the robots’ brilliantly highlighting the idea that humans may eventually be rendered superfluous by machines!

Light Rocket by Captain Starlight: Circular Quay

Captain Starlight is known for his daily rocket ship visits to every major children’s hospital in Australia, bringing joy and laughter to the lives of seriously ill children. Captain Starlight’s Light Rocket makes an appearance at Vivid Sydney to share the joy that the Starlight Children’s Foundation brings to kids all over Australia!

This 15-metre tall rocket is cloaked in translucent skin with low-energy LED lights illuminating the rocket from within. Roving lights cover the body of the rocket and the nose cone shoots out a laser beam in the sky, lighting the path to the next hospital – a truly inspired idea!

Eyes on the Harbour: Darling Harbour

Eyes on the Harbour was one of Vivid Sydney’s most popular attractions as guests were made the star of the show at the Laser Dragon Water Theatre. You could get your face scanned at the Intel booth and choose between a natural look and a wild look, and in no time, a giant image of your face would be projected high over Darling Harbour.

Memory Frame: The Rocks

Memory Frame was a larger-than-life photo frame that gave Vivid spectators the opportunity to pose with family and friends, capturing the Vivid Sydney experience with a photograph that could be kept for posterity! Every picture had a unique Vivid twist and a fantastic Vivid backdrop!